Internet & Email Setup

Setting up your Internet connection can be a daunting prospect for the casual user or those without tech savvy. In theory this should only need to be done once when the user signs up to an Internet Service Provider (ISP). The ISP should have provided all the information needed to connect to the Internet such as "Username" and "Password" etc. These should be kept in hard copy (on paper), in a safe place for whenever they may be needed in the future. Such as changing to a new machine, replacing your modem, etc.

Setting up your Email is a different matter and depends whether your Email is provided by your ISP, a webmail service eg.(Google, Yahoo, etc.) or from your own server. Also which email client you wish to use ("Microsoft Outlook", "Mozilla Thunderbird", or some other client). Also for this you need to know the email provider's server settings along with your username and password and whether you are using the pop3 or IMAP protocols
In a business context this could mean setting up several different accounts on one machine one for each employee who needs it

Some Email providers